August 2023

Buffalo Rotary to welcome


2023-2024 Inbound Youth Exchange student

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Rotary Youth Exchange is one of Rotary International's best-known and most successful service programs.  Since 1929, hundreds of thousands of young men and women have been global ambassadors through Rotary Youth Exchange.  Sponsoring clubs have built deeper connections within their communities, and with Rotary clubs around the world.
Developed to help support Rotary Clubs within District 5950/5960, is the North Star Youth Exchange.  Our districts' years of experience with Rotary Youth Exchange has grown into one of the largest programs in the country, allowing us to develop an extensive and highly effective network of experienced volunteers.  From dedicated country officers to answer questions about our international partners' expectations and requirements, to veteran program officers to help with student selection, orientation programs and logistical support, the North Star Youth Exchange volunteers are a tremendous resource.
Together, Rotary International and the North Star Youth Exchange operate three exchange programs.
  • Inbound Youth Exchange, in which international student live with two or three host families in a community for an entire school year
  • Outbound Youth Exchange, in which U.S. students live abroad for an entire school year in one of more than 30 countries
  • Outbound Short-Term Exchange, in which U.S. students participate in short-term, sometimes reciprocal, programs abroad
The Buffalo Rotary Club has proudly supported the Rotary Youth Exchange program since 1968... by encouraging and welcoming both inbound and outbound students!  Our club understands that the Rotary Youth Exchange program builds peace one young person at a time.
Over the years we have fostered the opportunity for students to develop lifelong leadership skills, learn a new language, discover another culture, build lasting friendships with people from around the world, and truly become global citizens.
Buffalo Rotary Youth Exchange History
Year Country First Name Program
1968-1969 Argentina Fredrick Outbound
1968-1969 Bolivia Nancy Ann Outbound
1968-1969 Bolivia Marcela
1969 Argentina Guillermo Daniel Inbound
1981-1982 Norway Kristin Outbound
1983-1984 Austria John Outbound
1983-1984 Sweden Patti Outbound
1984-1985 Brazil Sue Outbound
1985-1986 Sweden Ann Marie Outbound
1985-1986 Denmark Dan Inbound
1986-1987 Denmark Terry
1987 Brazil Marcelo Inbound
1987-1988 Brazil Danielle Outbound
1987-1988 Denmark Patricia Outbound
1987-1988 Norway Sarah Outbound
1987-1988 South Africa Jonz Outbound
1987-1988 Sweden Cecilia Inbound
1988-1989 Denmark Sara Outbound
1989 Australia Angela Louise Inbound
1989-1990 South Africa Benjamin Outbound
1989-1990 South Africa Julia Outbound
1989-1990 Japan Nana Inbound
1990 South Africa Bridget Inbound
1990-1991 Bolivia Michael Outbound
1990-1991 Sweden Julie K. Outbound
1990-1991 Mexico Virginia
1991 Brazil Rodrigo Inbound
1991-1992 France Ellen Outbound
1991-1992 Japan Eric Outbound
1991-1992 Thailand Preedee Inbound
1992 Brazil Diego Inbound
1992-1993 South Africa Sara Outbound
1992-1993 Turkey Jonathan Outbound
1992-1993 India Purvi Inbound
1993-1994 Brazil Brad Outbound
1993-1994 Finland Amy Outbound
1993-1994 Greenland Erin Outbound
1993-1994 Sweden Sarah Outbound
1993-1994 Argentina Diego Inbound
1993-1994 Finland Reetta Inbound
1994-1995 Hungary Nori Outbound
1994-1995 Ireland Cameron Outbound
1994-1995 Japan Christopher Outbound
1994-1995 France Marie Inbound
1994-1995 Japan Kaori Inbound
1995-1996 Chile Amanda Outbound
1995-1996 India Henry Outbound
1995-1996 Brazil Mosart Inbound
1995-1996 Estonia Piret Inbound
1995-1996 Mexico Linaloe Inbound
1996-1997 Japan Robyn Outbound
1996-1997 Bolivia Oscar Teddy Inbound
1996-1997 New Zealand Meredite Inbound
1997-1998 Brazil Danielle Outbound
1997-1998 New Zealand Erin Outbound
1997-1998 United Kingdom Timothy Inbound
1998-1999 Italy Karlee Mariel Outbound
1998-1999 Chile Virginia Inbound
1999-2000 Ecuador Chrissy Outbound
1999-2000 Senegal Katherine Outbound
1999-2000 Russia Anatoly Inbound
2001-2002 Finland Katie Outbound
2001-2002 Philippines Nicole Outbound
2001-2002 Denmark Sarah Inbound
2002-2003 France Tara L. Outbound
2002-2003 New Zealand Oliver Inbound
2003-2004 Ecuador Chandra Outbound
2003-2004 Japan Hibiki Inbound
2004-2005 New Zealand Angela Outbound
2004-2005 France Iris Inbound
2006-2007 Germany Brett Outbound
2006-2007 South Africa Charne Inbound
2006-2007 South Africa Brandon Inbound
2007-2008 Germany Katelyn Outbound
2008-2009 Argentina Augusto Inbound
2010-2011 France Chloe Inbound
2011-2012 Sweden Niels Inbound
2012-2013 Germany Beth Outbound
2012-2013 Thailand Kitty Inbound
2013-2014 Spain Cristina Inbound
2014-2015 Croatia Sven Inbound
2015-2016 Sweden Klara Inbound
2016-2017 Denmark Ida Inbound
2017-2018 Zimbabwe Jason
2018-2019 Belgium Sienna Outbound
2018-2019 Paraguay Rosita Inbound
2019-2020 Indonesia Vanya Inbound
2022-2023 Hungary Bendi Inbound
Buffalo Rotary Youth Exchange Officer
Rita Varner-Otness
  1. Twins
  2. Vikings
  3. Timberwolves
  4. Minnesota Wild 
  5. Minnesota United Soccer
  6. St. Paul Saints
  7. Gopher Game (any event!)
  8. Minnesota Lynx
  9. Rodeo
  10. Ice Skating (on a lake)
  11. Sledding/tubing
  12. Ice Fishing
  13. Snowmobiling
  14. Skiing
  15. Cross Country Skiing
  16. International Eelpout fesitval
  17. Ice skating at the Depot
  18. St. Paul Winter Carnival 
  19. Hudson Hot Air Affair (close to MN!)
  20. Snow shoeing
  21. Bentleyville city of lights-Duluth (Christmas time)
  22. Maple syrup tapping
  23. Minneapolis Farmer’s Market
  24. State Fair
  25. Renaissance Festival
  26. Valley Fair
  27. Water Skiing
  28. Fishing
  29. Minneapolis Chain of Lakes (Calhoun, Harriet, Lake of the Isles
  30. Grand Marais
  31. Brainerd Area
  32. Buffalo Days
  33. Aquatennial
  34. Visit Grand Ave in St Paul/ ice cream at Grand Ol’ Creamery 
  35. Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park
  36. Camping
  37. Boundary Waters
  38. Lake Itasca 
  39. Bike riding on Lanesboro
  40. Canoe/Kayak
  41. Tent Camping
  42. Munsinger Gardens
  43. Geocaching in Minneapolis/St. Paul
  44. Bemidji-Paul and Babe 
  45. Wright County Fair
  46. Wright County Historical Society
  47. Foot golf
  48. Apple Orchard
  49. Take a hike/drive to look at fall colors
  50. Go Trick or Treating
  51. Defeat of Jesse James days-Northfield, MN
  52. High School Football game
  53. Attend a high school dance/prom
  54. Buffalo Demo Derby
  55. Sever’s Corn Maze
  56. Minnesota Arboretum 
  57. Red Wing
  58. Duluth/North Shore
  59. Winona (Bluffs)
  60. Mall of America
  61. Stillwater
  62. Stone arch bridge
  63. Walker Art Center/Sculpture garden
  64. Minneapolis Institute of Art
  65. Wesiman Art Museum-U of MN
  66. Minnehaha Falls
  67. Midtown Global Market (go hungry!)
  68. Como Zoo/Conservatory
  69. Apple Valley Zoo
  70. Mill City Museum
  71. Minnesota Historical Museum
  72. Foshay Tower Observatory Deck
  73. Macy’s Holiday Display
  74. Macy’s Spring Flower Show
  75. World’s Largest Candy Store
  76. National Eagle Center-Wabasha, MN
  77. Fort Snelling
  78. Oliver Kelly Farm
  79. State Capitol Tour
  80. Gooseberry Falls 
  81. Split-Rock Lighthouse
  82. Minnesota State Parks
  83. Minneapolis Cathedral
  84. St. Paul Cathedral 
  85.  Iron Range
  86. Ride on a combine
  87. Visit Largest Ball of Twine
  88. St. Croix Falls
  89. Ride a Zamboni
  90. International wolf center/American Bear center Ely, MN
  91. Science Museum/Omni Theater
  92. Guthrie Theater
  93. Orpheum Theater
  94. Orchestra Hall
  95. Minnesota Opera
  96. Ordway Theater
  97. State Theater
  98. Chanhassen Dinner Theater
  99. Visit Paisley Park
  100. Tour the University of Minnesota