Oct 12, 2022
Joel Torkelson, Wright Co Public Health Planner
Wright County Public Health Survey


Joel Torkelson is a Public Health Planner at Wright County Public Health. He has worked there since 2004. Joel works closely with Buffalo Hospital, part of Allina Health, CentraCare – Monticello and Wright County Community Action to conduct a community health assessment and create a community health improvement plan. Joel believes in the power of data and its ability to help us create healthier communities. When harnessed correctly it helps us engage the public and in time can make a positive difference across our communities. His family has called Buffalo home since 2012. He is grateful to live and work in this community. In his free time he enjoys running, golfing and ice fishing.


Speaking about:

In late 2021 a community health survey was mailed out to adults across Wright County. We received the survey results in March 2022. Buffalo Hospital, part of Allina Health, CentraCare – Monticello, Wright County Community Action and Wright County Public worked together to administer the survey. 

A general overview of the findings will be shared including people’s opinions on key issues facing Wright County, use of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs, distracted driving behaviors and several measures related to mental health. Additionally, some of the questions were asked on previous surveys, allowing us to share trend data. A handout with important data points will be provided as well.