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The money raised from this event goes to Buffalo Rotary Foundation to support local and international service projects. Here is a partial list of the programs made possible by these funds:
  1. Buffalo HS Scholarship Endowment (2-$1,000)
  2. Wright Tech Center Scholarship Endowment - BHS Student (1)
  3. North Hennepin CC Scholarship Endowment (1)
  4. STRIVE Program Scholarship Endowment - BHS Student (1)
  5. Emergency Bed Program for Wright County
  6. Buffalo Food Shelf
  7. Toys for Tots
  8. Adopt-a-Family Christmas
  9. Concerts in the Park
  10. Fishing Klinic for Kids
  11. Mentorship Programs – Junior and Senior High Schools
  12. Camp RYLA and Camp Enterprise Leadership Camps
  13. Student Exchange Program
  14. .....and many more!
If you purchase a ticket for $140, you not only get a chance to win a new car or $10,000, you also get the following:
  • Dinner for 2 – Chicken & Ribs or Vegetarian Option
  • Open bar all evening long
  • Come dressed in costume for a chance to win a price for “Best Costume”
This is a fun event with lots of opportunities to play games and win additional prizes. Games vary each year.
Bingo cards are sold at the event, 1 for $10 and 3 for $25. As the ticket numbers are announced, you can play bingo and win up to $500.
After dinner, the emcee begins the drawing:
  1. The winning ticket is drawn and kept secure by a designated official.
  2. Tickets are drawn and announced one-by-one from the barrel.
  3. Bingo is being played and drawing momentarily stops as “Bingo” is called and winner is confirmed.
  4. Tickets continue to be drawn until the 390th ticket is drawn. At this point, drawing is stopped.
  5. Ticket buyers who have not been drawn are called to the stage. If they are not in attendance, there is a spokesperson to speak for them.
  6. Each of the remaining 10 is asked if they want to split $10,000 or continue the drawing.
  7. If they don’t all agree to split the cash, another ticket is drawn, and one person is eliminated.
  8. They are asked once again if they want to evenly split the cash or continue.
  9. This continues until all remaining agree to split the cash or all are eliminated except one winner. If there is only one winner, that winner has the choice to take the car or $10,000 cash.