Recap for Wednesday January 8, 2020
If you missed the meeting this week, you missed a great one!
Please sign up online for volunteering at the Food Shelf on Fridays. There are many openings!!  Please use the links located in this bulletin to volunteer today.
Have you enjoyed an outing with Vanya yet?  Don’t miss out on an opportunity to get to know her.  Vanya is from Indonesia and loves to share her heritage and her love of cooking.  Not sure what to do?  Check out the list of suggestions for outings on the Rotary Youth Exchange page located on our club website.
Paul Harris Fellow awards were given to Tyler Reiss, Les Huikko, Chris Husom, Mark Olson and Dave Zumbusch.  Congratulations to these Rotarians!! Paul Harris Fellows are awarded when a Rotarian’s cumulative donations to Rotary International hit a $1,000 milestone mark.
Buffalo Rotary welcomed new member Kenzie Halonen from MidCountry Bank.  Kenzie is excited to be a part of Buffalo Rotary. She shared how she especially enjoyed the program a few weeks ago about Camp Enterprise because she herself attended Camp Enterprise when she was in high school.  Welcome Kenzie!!
Stevie Ray of Stevie Ray’s Improv Theater spoke to Rotarians about difficult communications. 
Stevie Ray owns the improv theater that performs weekly at Chanhassen Dinner Theater.  He explained that not all improv is comedy and he uses improv to effectively show how to communicate in a way that keeps the conversation open to solving what could be difficult discussions.  He talked about ways to avoid a difficult situation even when you are working with a difficult person.  
He shared tips for waking up our thinking brains, especially when switching from a detail task we are working on to a task that is more thinking / communications.  Rotarians participated in exercises to wake up our brains and we even have a little fun at the same time.
Stevie Ray also shared tips for giving construction criticism and why is it important to avoid using the word “but” in your communications.  He challenged Rotarians to try to go a whole day without saying the word “but”.
All throughout the program, Stevie Ray interjected his humor and of course many, many jokes about Minnesota and our beautiful weather!  
Thank you Mark Boyd for arranging for Stevie Ray for speak to Rotary this week.
See you next week at Rotary!  Go ‘Connect the World’!
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