Recap for Wednesday, May 1st
This week at Rotary:
Upcoming Rotary events:
  • Roadside Treasure Hunt (aka Roadside Cleanup) will be held May 9th at 4 pm.  Meet at the Buffalo EV Free Church parking lot, just north of town.  After cleaning the highway, the group will meet at Huikko’s for awards and fellowship.
  • BEER Thursday will by May 30th at Wild Marsh Tavern, hopefully out on the deck!!  Join us from 5 pm - 6:30 pm for an informal opportunity to get to know your fellow Rotarians.  
  • There will be no club meeting on May 15 due to the Chamber’s Academic Luncheon.
  • Mark Boyd reminds Rotarians to note the club duty assignments to the right of this update.
  • Thank you Craig Boysen for stepping up to assist with the Treasurer duties!
  • We will be passing the hat for St. Michael Rotarian Sandy Greniger’s husband who was diagnosed with aggressive ALS.  Sandy is the current President of the St. Michael Club and has been instrumental in starting the Beds for Kids program.
  • Buffalo Rotary took 2nd in the Wine Contest for the Crisis Nursery.  Thanks to all who donated; we collected 41 bottles, up from last year’s winning number of 40 bottles.
  • Join Judge Halsey for a re-enactment of the Nuremberg Trials at 11:30 am on May 10 in honor of Law Day.
  • Get your Buffalo Days posters and buttons from Sue or Suzanne at the Chamber.  
  • Stacy Kaluza invited everyone to participate in the Lakeside Oasis golf tourney at Wild Marsh in July.
  • Your Rotary Board met this week and approved the following donations:  Buffalo Beautification Program, Concerts in the Park and the Fishing Klinic for Kids.  
Our Program:
Our program today was fellow Rotarian Lisa Parteh.  Lisa is a corporate member from Functional Industries.  
Lisa spoke about Functional Industries’ Employment Services.  Functional Industries (FII) assists people with disabilities (physical, mental health and cognitive) to explore job options and obtain community employment.  Functional Industries would like to get to know your business and your staffing needs and be able to potentially provide you with dependable, committed employees with good work ethics.  We currently have 65 individuals who are job searching and looking for anywhere from 6 to 40 hours per week. They have a variety of skills and interests to offer a potential employer. Employment can either be a group of individuals coming in complete work at your facility or an individual which your employ.  If you chose a group of individuals to meet your needs, FII carries the liability and is the employer of record. If you chose to employ an individual, your organization is the employer of record and FII will provide a career mentor who will assist with training, developing natural supports, and assisting the individual to acclimate to the job.  Your organization can also assist FII by being open to providing opportunities for job shadowing and on the job evaluations. For more information you can contact Lisa Parteh at 763.233.5190 or   Visit their website at  Thank you Rod for inviting Lisa to speak.
Have a great week and continue to BE THE INSPIRATION!!!
Kris Dirks
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