Recap for Wednesday August 21, 2019
Happy (almost end of) Summer!
If you missed Rotary last week, here’s a recap:
Thursday, September 12, Street Party of Hope, contact Laura Barta Lindquist to volunteer at our S’Mores Booth.
Friday, September 13, Rotary Car Raffle.  Please turn in any unsold tickets to Jackie, turn in $25 gift cards for drawings to Tyler, Chelsie or Jackie, and drop off silent auction items to Kris.  This is our ONLY general fundraiser of the year so let’s make it great!
Our speaker was Sienna “Cha Cha”, our Buffalo Rotary Outbound Student to Belgium for the last school year.
Sienna chose the Rotary exchange program because she wanted to see the world through an exchange program, to develop relationships abroad, and to experience another culture.
Sienna’s favorites in Belgium were French food, Belgium waffles, and the ease of travel through that part of Europe.  She shared that Belgium is one quarter the size of Minnesota. Throughout the exchange year, she worked to take in every moment of the exchange and make the most of each opportunity.
The French language was a struggle for her for the first half of the year and she learned to never give up.
Sienna had three great host families and shared that it was an amazing year.  She felt it was the toughest year of her life but also the best. She said that she would do it again in a heartbeat!
Thank you Warren for mentoring Sienna.  If you know of a Buffalo high school student interested in the Rotary Outbound Exchange Program, send them to
Rotary...making connections!  See you next week at Rotary!
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