Posted by Kris Dirks on Apr 11, 2019
Wow, what a great meeting today!
Another full house!!
Here’s a quick review of our meeting.
Upcoming dates:
Food Shelf Friday
There are many Food Shelf Friday openings in May.   Please sign up online using the links on the right of this E-Bulletin.
Grant Management Seminar
We have 3 members attending but there is still room for more.
May 4, 8 am - 12:30 pm in New Ulm
May 9, 4:30 pm - 9 pm in St. Cloud
Learn what projects qualify for a district or international grant, which grant $ your club can apply for and information about the application and approval process. No registration fee. Use links above to register.
Wednesday, May 1 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm at the Great River Library in St. Cloud.  
District Assemblies are being held regionally this year.  Agenda includes: Dinner and Welcome, Session on Member Value, Club Idea Sharing, Individual Club Strategy Session, and Sharing of top Club Strategies.   Registration required, no registration fee.  Register by clicking on link above or to the right.
District Conference
May 17, 10 am - 9 pm at the Minneapolis Event Center
Keynote Speakers, engaging breakout sessions, networking, lunch, dinner and awards.
Registration Required. Club covers first 10 registrations. Register at:
Please contact Jason Chalupnik with any questions regarding registration.  Early bird registration closes Thursday, April 11th at 8pm, however registration will still be possible after this date. 
877 Scholarship Foundation Pork Chop Dinner has been moved to April 18.  Tickets are still available. Rotarians have a great legacy of supporting this community event.  Contact Kim Carlson or Laura Barta Lindquist to pick up tickets or drop off your payment.
Don’t forget to bring your bottle of wine (or cash) next week for the Crisis Nursery’s annual fundraiser.  Buffalo is reigning champ for most bottles donated in 2018!! Chris Husom is collecting wine and cash for just 2 more weeks!
Rita Varner-Otness is currently seeking host families for our inbound student arriving in August. Zefanya will be arriving from Indonesia and is fluent in English.  Each host family will have Zefanya for 3 ½ months while she is enrolled as a Senior at the BHS. Please contact Rita by email or by phone at 682-5256 if you would like to host, or can recommend a family for her to contact about hosting.
(at this point in the meeting, I seemed to have stopped taking notes and just enjoyed listening to Rosita’s program.  Thank you to Chelsie Schmid, our networking chair and Facebook poster for the following review of Rosita’s program. Sorry!)
  Our program today was Rosita, our inbound exchange student, shared information about her home of Paraguay. She shared the differences and similarities between her home and Buffalo, especially in the school systems.
She thanked all Rotarians for supporting her this year, especially Rita (our exchange coordinator). Rosita shared surprising aspects of her experiences in America and her gratitude for this opportunity.
Thank you Rosita for speaking at Rotary today.
Have an awesome week and BE THE INSPIRATION!!
Kris Dirks