Pictured upper left: Dave Zumbusch, Rita Varner Otness, Nikki Mills, Warren Stoltman, Emily Benjamin and Bob Halagan. Pictured lower left: District Governor Bob Stowell, Jackie Wurm, Rainer Pensky, and Suzanne O’Dell


Rotary Club of Buffalo kicked off the new year this week with a visit from Bob Stowell, District Governor of Rotary District 5950. Buffalo Rotary’s new board members are as follows: Dave Zumbusch/President, Warren Stoltman/President Elect, Suzanne O’Dell/Secretary, Emily Benjamin/Treasurer, Ellie Ortmann/Director of Community Service, Rainer Pensky/Director of Club Service, Julie Warner/Director of Vocational Service, Rita Varner Otness/Director of New Generations, Karla Heeter/Director of International Service, Bob Halagan/Foundation, Nikki Mills/Membership and Jackie Wurm/Past President and Public Relations.

Buffalo Rotary is looking forward to continuing their service work in the local Buffalo community as well as their international work in Guatemala. Last year Buffalo Rotary donated approximately $30,000 for local and international projects. They are just starting the fundraising for the current year with a car raffle which will be held at St. Francis Xavier Education Center on September 8th.