Nov 09, 2022 12:00 PM
Ben Harvey
TimberBay Youth Program

Timber Bay is a Christian organization that supports and mentors struggling youth in the Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose area. This is done through large group activities, one-on-one mentoring, and camping experiences. Ben began volunteering at Timber Bay in 2014 while teaching at Buffalo High School and Phoenix Learning Center. As he worked with struggling youth in both the school setting and at Timber Bay, it was clear to him that so many of the kids in the Buffalo community needed to hear about God's love and forgiveness. He finished his 11th and final year of teaching in the spring of 2020 and joined the Buffalo Timber Bay area that fall.  Ben took over as Area Director inJanuary 2022 and brings fun and energy to the group. He enjoys teaching our students how to work on cars, camp, and encourages kids to get involved in the community.