Speaker Date Topic
Merton Auger Jan 17, 2018
State of the City
Lisa Parteh Jan 24, 2018
Lunch and Tour at Functional Industries
Corey Martin and Sally Stephens Jan 31, 2018
Bounceback Program / Community Book Read

Must confirm

Sheriff Joe Haggerty Feb 07, 2018
Wright County Sheriff Update
Terry Marsh Feb 14, 2018
Volunteer of the year Wright county
Melissa Mulder Feb 21, 2018
United Way of Wright County

Confirmed  Melissa Moulder 763 688 1919,Melissamulderwcauw@gmail.com,awaiting her approval note sent.

Pugs Hayes & Red Dorn Feb 28, 2018
At Hayes Public House - Tour & Lunch

needs to be confirmed

Charles Krause Mar 07, 2018
Wright County Agriculture -Speak forYourself

Barbara contact 8007110747  

Fred Naaktgeboren Mar 14, 2018
Buffalo Food shelf

Confirmed  fjnaak@gmail.com

Mary Speidel Mar 21, 2018
Good Samaritan Society-Rehabilitation after Surgery

6127412206   confirmed

David Wray Mar 28, 2018
Adventure on the High Seas

Must reconfirm date, 

John Emery Apr 04, 2018
Islamic Resource Group

3155211251   Confirmed call in March

Pet Shelter Administrator Apr 11, 2018
Pet Shelter Not Confirmed

Need to confirm with Karla early february

Sally Stevens or delegate Apr 11, 2018
Introduction to Ancestral Research-Must confirm specifics

Need to confirm with Sally in Spring

Speaker TBD Apr 18, 2018
Wright county soil and water-Buffalo Lake Water quality- Not Confirmed

Call in to Dan Nadeau   7636822584  ??Call again  dan very promising Aleshia maybe

Wright Hennepin Representative Apr 25, 2018
Future of Energy Not Confirmed

Must connect

TBD May 02, 2018
Blessing Closet

Must confirm date

Otti Ottness May 09, 2018
Racing at the Edge!! A Car Hobby Story-Not Confirmed
Kristi Paul May 16, 2018
Evelyn's Wine Bar Story- Not confirmed maybe wine tasting

Kristi Paul owner  -  not confirmed 7634011700 call  again to remind one week in advance

Jason May 16, 2018
About my Home -Zimbabwe -The Real Story-Not Confirmed

Must confirm

Rita May 23, 2018
Strive review = not confirmed
Cory Martin May 30, 2018
Wellness???? Not Confirmed Tailor to Retirement???

Must Reach Out and Connect

Jeniffer Myster Jun 06, 2018
State of Hospital Not Confirmed

Must connect

Jolyn Halvorsen Jun 13, 2018
Buffalo Community Orchestra Not Confirmed

Must define /  discover7636821313

Wright County Royalty Jun 13, 2018
Royalty Not Confirmed Date???? Who???

Must confirm date / reach out

Youth Director Jun 27, 2018
Camp RYLA -Not confirmed

Must confirm name and date

Hold - Mark Boyd Jun 28, 2018
Concert in the Park

Confirm date and time

Emily Jul 11, 2018
Annual Financial Report - Not Confirmed date

Must confirm date

Bob H?? Jul 11, 2018
State of the District -- Must Confirm date